Toy Fidget Spinners Evolved from Spinning Tops

Fidget Spinners for ADHDFidget Spinners: What they are and how they help

In the recent past, there has arisen a new dimension in child toy manufacturing: Fidget spinners. While in reality, the designers of this great toy meant to enable children suffering from anxiety disorders to have something to use; the popularity of the spinners has shown a lot of promise on them.

For children suffering from attention deficit /hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or in some instances just normal kids, issues of management remain involving. Lower kindergarten categories have this experience and parents are forced to get toys to keep them busy.

In essence, they are small ball bearing devices with the ability to rotate at the whims of the user on the fingers. The good about it is that it is a soothing toy on the fingers. The effect of the toy is to distract the child.

Why fidget spinners?

The popularity of fidget spinners is the physics around it. It’s the free flow rotation and the ability to work with the principle of ball bearing while reducing friction which is a particular case. The simplicity of these toys and the effect they create on kids of this particular category makes them attractive.

But that is not the point because the anxiety disorders run in age, the use of these spinners has been seen even among adults. The soothing effect allows the user to get a feel good situation. Though, most of the adult who chooses to do the spinner do so out of fear of the unknown.

Most of the spinners sold in the market have become popular because of their size. The good thing is that even a parent can make one on their own with the basic understanding that they use the ball bearing principle to reduce friction.

Several reasons have been brought forth as the basis why these spinners work best. Some include;

  • It fundamentally helps in creating serious emotional distractions that allow an individual to move from emotional pain.
  • Helps ease and manage kids with the ADHD problem.
  • It has been seen to create an avenue of child play in many areas.
  • Helps adults move away from the social, economic ills that area associated with the daily pressures of life.
  • The fidget spinners can be useful instruments in encouraging world peace.

How are fidget spinners made?
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The majority of the factory manufactured fidget spinners have three prongs that rotate on the axis. This axis is what serves as the pivot with the ability to balance the weight. The rotation of either of the prongs when the center inserted on the finger produces continuous motion.

Simple spinners can be made using any cylindrical object inserted on an object with a hole. Such may produce rather bigger spinners but are effective.


As is the case, affording a fidget spinner for use in your household can be a tall order. However, depending on your means and the choice of a spinner, this may not be a problem. The overall good of the spinners serves as the primary basis for their use.

Because ADHD is a common child behavior issue, Imagine having a child you can’t manage at home or in school yet the spinners can work on them in a matter of minutes. Try one today; maybe you will not have to bear the emotional pain of romance anymore.

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